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The 2.0 Release
14 Feb 2018

Welp, the time is over and here we are with a new update, that we may call Blue Print because… we can. After a long time with an 1.0 version that wasn’t so stable, we decided to jump and go into 8.1 even though it took their time.

And here it is! We have to thank many ROM devs who were working everyday to implement new stuff into the android system and always give us something new to play and have fun using it. Also, we have to thank the new member TheImpulson who made an incredible work with this beautiful website and welp, the support to this project. And talking about people who supported this project… we can’t forget the new maintainers who decided to give this project a chance and welp, thanks you from the bottom of our heart for build this ROM, report issues and help us grow and more people know our project! We didn’t thought about getting into more devices but it’s happening and we’re more than grateful for that. Hope many people enjoy the experience too.

About the features: There are some new that came with the 8.1 like Dark or Black UI, Screen off animations and more, and also we keep some features that wen’t into our first releases (some others couldn’t make the cut but welp, hope that they can be added on 2.1, don’t worry). Also, there is our new small feature called Ambient Visualizer. It allows you to show the lockscreen visualizer on ambient display… it breaks sometimes but welp, hope you enjoy it anyways! And there on a future will be OTA support so our maintainers can send updates more easily so, stay tuned!

So i think that’s it, hope you’re having a good valentines day, or a nice week, and enjoy our newest release! We wish you a good week.

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Introducing Bootleggers
07 Feb 2014

Introducing Bootleggers! An awesome aftermarket ROM which is based on cherry-picking useful features from various other ROMs. We here are trying to create something different, something that you could trust on and use without any issues or doubts in mind. We are evolving everyday while being glad and thankful to our users,developers who are supporting us. We don’t promise that we are cool, contains uncountable features and blah blah blah! but we promise stability, usefulness and the biggest factor i.e. trust. We need you to help us develop a ROM which is different yet easy to use and maintain with security and beauty. Come join us! We are always wating for you!.