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About Us

Bootleggers ROM is an aftermarket firmware based on Ground Zero Open Source Project (GZOSP) and brings custom features with the most useful apps on your device, with the goal of “Making you feel like 家”.

Using the stability and compatibility of GZOSP, this ROM is also packed with some custom wallpaper (Dawn by fxckingdeathwish), ringtones, and fonts, to bring to your device into a more fresh look, also with a selection of apps, header packs and wallpapers (on ShishuWalls app).

Also, we got our Google+ Community and our Telegram Group to talk about the ROM and share some love if you wish!

Some of the features that are included on this ROM are:

  • ROM Logos
  • QS Rows and Colums
  • Scroll on small QS
  • OmniStyle: Header Images
  • OmniJaws: Weather on QS
  • Volume Keys: Wake up, skip tracks and switch according to rotation
  • Dirty Unicorns Interface (DUI): Fling, Smartbar and Pulse
  • Show song album cover and battery info on Lockscreen
  • Custom Carrier Label
  • Power Menu Items
  • AOSP Recents: Membar, Clear All and Inmersive Recents.
  • Battery LED light settings
  • Type of notifications: Heads up and Ticker, pick your poison
  • Wake and Vibrate on Phone Plugged on Charger
  • AppOps: Manage your apps permissions in an advanced way

Also, you can check a full list of Features available here.