Bootleggers ROM

Trying to make you feel at 家

Our Github

The simple is first

Our goal is keeping all the stuff simple, and make it feel comfortable with our features and apps. We're not the greatest, but we want to feel your device it's the best.

Feel free to research on our dumpster

We can be simple but, we couldn't made it without some custom features. We add some stuff that's useful or funny to play with. Not too many for the sake of having it neither too less for the sake of being simple.

Get into our Shishu Dreams

As many ROMs, we implemented our system theme, that's called Shishu Dreams, a dark UI with gradients and, with the addition of a selective amount of cool accent colors, you can beautify it.

And most important: Hope you feel like 家

Hope you enjoy our work, enjoy our headers and selected features, have a nice experience... but most of all: Hope you feel yourself at home.